Solution architecture

Recording Devices

  • Student’s workstations are equipped with recording devices (Android tablets with a dedicated custom built application)
  • Identification (student / course / exercise / instructor / etc.) and all the audio recording management through one easy to operate app
  • Student’s own self-assessment questionnaire
  • Customizable for school’s needs

Analysis Server

  • Server running unique voice analysis technology processes all the student’s voice data captured on individual tablets
  • Results of all analyses are stored in a database and prepared for import into the web-based reporting tool
  • Server installation options:
    • On premise: Running on local network (no Internet connection is required)
    • Web cloud service: Audio is sent to the cloud over the Internet. All analyses and reporting is done on cloud server

Web-based Reporting Tool

  • Course managers & Instructors have access to several types of reports:
  • Single student’s performance report & emotional profile
  • Progress view
  • Students comparison

Emotional Profile

A simple graphical element that shows the students emotional / cognitive scale from Logical to Emotional & from Energetic to Stressful

Progression Graph

Provides quick overview of the student’s performance over time by various parameters:

  • Energy
  • Negative Feelings
  • Stress
  • Uncertainty
  • Concentration
  • Hesitation
  • Embarrassment
  • Intensive Thinking

Advanced Features

  • Automatic alarms with email notification
  • Dashboard for quick overview
  • Contextual help
  • Emotional parameters limits
  • Student’s comparison
  • Instructors comparison
  • Fully customizable
  • Student’s trend views in time